About us.

Malin and Trevor are passionate professional facilitators with a remarkable reputation. Described as “leading lights” when it comes to transforming culture and leadership in organisations, and with a never ending commitment to get people in flow to achieve radical collaboration and building high performing teams. Originally from Sweden and the UK, they now live in Uruguay where they continue to work with clients face to face and virtually in between tending to the vineyard and horses on the farm.

Hi, I am

Malin Morén

In 1995, Malin decided to dedicate her career to facilitating real change in organisations, and founded Lorensbergs, a consultancy firm specialising in facilitation. Working together with her husband Trevor Durnford, she has stayed committed to her chosen path and over the past 30 years they have worked with more than 100 organisations across the globe.


Malin works as a facilitator in leadership teams and in large-scale interventions. She is a specialist in designing change processes with facilitation at the core, and has helped many organisations to train and develop internal facilitators. She has been described as ”a miracle to work with” by clients around the world.


Malin has a BSc in Behavioural Science from Gothenburg University, Sweden, and a degree in Pedagogy and Adult Learning. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) accredited by the International Association of Facilitators, a Hall of Fame member and a Certified Coach by EMCC.


Hi, I am

Trevor Durnford

Trevor started his career as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer although soon after realised that his real passion was in the people domain. He became a consultant in the early 90’s, training facilitators and leaders in continuous improvement. With consultancy experience under his belt, Trevor went back into organisations, this time in HR. He spent 7 years as HR Director for two UK based multi-national companies putting much of his experience in facilitation and change into practice.

Returning back to the field of consulting in 2005, Trevor helped establish Lorensbergs with his wife Malin Morén – building the company up to 25 consultants and working with clients globally in facilitation, leadership development and change.

Recently, Trevor has been Chair of the International Association of Facilitators and recipient of the Gold Award for Facilitation Impact. He is also a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and is on the board of the Solutions Focus in Organisations association.